January 2019 Book Reviews


 The good, the bad, and the ok books I read this month.

I am back again with another post about books. This past month I read a few duds, a few decent books, and a few great ones. Since I can't provide you with a list of "must read books" instead I am offering a review of the last books I read.

Pretty in Pink


I never miss the chance to wear an all pink outfit (Scream Queens inspired look for sure). As much as I hate winter, outfits like this make it a bit more bearable. 

10 ways to spark your creativity

Creative spaces like this definitely inspire me.
As a copywriter, I have to be able to ignite my creativity almost instantly. I understand that feeling of panic when it seems like all the words have left your brain and everything you are trying to write sounds forced. You want to get back into that flow of creativity but need something to inspire you and help you stay creative.

I have listed below my top ten tricks that I rely on to get me out of my writer's block. Overall, I have created a good system, I have found methods to prepare me for my next creative block instead of panicking for when that moment hits. Sort of preventative, if you will.

Never again have to google "how to spark creativity" with my list of ten simple exercises.

December 2018 Reading List


I have rounded a list of the books I have recently read to perfectly end 2018 with some inspiration, knowledge, and maybe some new curiosities.