12 Lessons Miami Taught Me


Miami Skyline from Brickell
Miami skyline.
My one year anniversary of living the Miami lifestyle Drake loves to rap about is quickly approaching and my mind is buzzing with analyzations of my experience. Let’s answer the question everyone is dying to know! Are Drake’s lyrics the truth about Miami? Yes and no. “Still in Miami, most of these girls are too messy” is definitely accurate and might I add a contagious disease! Kidding...kind of.

Thrift Haul - Miami


Wearing: Top- Forever 21

I have a thing for discovering gems or making gems out of stones. Thrifting is the best way to cultivate this skill. Lately I have been obsessed and found this awesome gems! 


First Day Look
Top: Asos, Shorts: Glamorous, Backpack:Steve Madden

Every life is only a sum of experiences. Each new experience so unique from the last. It's funny how when you look back on memories only bits and pieces stay embedded in your mind. When you look back only specific moments can be replayed. While you are making these memories you have no idea which one moment will be your only memory.

Single and Happy on Valentine's Day


Single and Happy on Valentines Day
So here is a series of pictures of me having fun being single. LOL
Dear Single Girl,

Here is why you should love being single on Valentine’s Day!

Everyone keeps asking me “What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?” and giving me a really disappointed look when I respond “Yoga!” It’s almost like they feel sorry for me.

I find this kind of hard to process because I don’t think I have ever been happier. I don’t think people are honest with themselves about the whole concept of love and relationships. So to be painfully honest, I don’t think I have ever been in a healthy relationship.