Goodbye 2010, let's Welcome 2011

Well. here comes the ned of the year!!!!
Wow that was quite a trip! I have learned so much about myself, about life, and about others. I understand now why everything happened the way it did. All I have to say is thank you to all those who stayed by my side through all my mistakes. I love blogging and making youtube videos, and I allowed others to control me and make me forget my passions. No worries I have found my head, and there will be more posts and dedication from me! Well as soon as I can find the memory card converter hehe!
Thank you 2010 you will never be forgotten. I am highly anticipating 20111, a lot seems to be in store!
Again thank you and Happy New Years to all!!!!

Look Alike: Nastygal- Tjmaxx


ok this dress is at nastygal for $58
the exact same dress is at TJmaxx for less than $20
so if you have a TJmaxx close to your house go search for it

Let there be LIGHT


On a Budget : Back To School

I know it's kind of early but if you start back to school shopping now you have time to look for the best deal and get more for your money
I am going to be doing a on a budget back to school which features stores like wetseal, forever 21, etc
then I am going to do a little more luxurious back to school
with designers for those willing to splurge

Your Basics
(This is what I consider basics to have a great style ;))

Forever 21- 17. 80 You always need a funky skirt when your feeling a little wild and its very versatile you can also use it to go out

Forever 21- 15 You need basic flats! I wouldn't neccesarily buy these cause they are not my style, but I must admit they are very cute.

Forever 21- 10.50 You have a funky fun skirt now you need a basic black one that you can mix and match.

Forever 21- 11.80 Loose, baggy, goes with anything,you need it.

Forever 21- 10.50 Basic Dress, dress it up or down either way it will work.

Wet Seal 16.50- Cardigans, get them in every color they come in handy.

Agaci 26.50- Funky cardigan :) imagine this with a plain black cami and the basic black skirt. Very cute

will update soon


so this is one of the reasons I was gone for so long
I went to journalism camp at LSU

this is Mike the Tiger its their mascot

we went to some printing company in near LSU and this is what it looked like

we got to go to a local news station and be in the studio while the news was going on adn we took pictures with him and it was pretty cool we were also on t.v but it was only Lousiana Sations

I did not put a lot of pics cause most are with friends and I do not want to put their pics w/out asking for their permission
on my fathers computer at work cause no internet at home my laptop makes me angry grrrrrr
sorry guys i know i have a lot of making up to do
but i should be up and running soon and i apologize for my last blog
i was on a mad stampede and running on fuel of rage :D hehe
well these are pics that i found on my fathers computer
i had saved these on the comp when i was younger enjoy
OH and theres no theme to my post just random
seems to suit me these days its been nothing but randomness
but hey lifes crazy










fyi: I hate marshmallows





Celebrity Inspiration: Miley Cyrus





I would never think of buying these pants but i must admit that outfitt looks really good these pants are at forever 21

I am lovign her style very laid back and kind of sloppy
the kind of look that says
p.s I am definately going to be wearing something like she was with the shorts and tank and beret

A week of Outfits


life, i wanna live it not dream about it!

I'm scared ?
Idk where i'm going
where I want to be
what i want
i dont know but my world doesnt feel right, right now
maybe this is not where im supposed to be
maybe this is my temporary place waiting for the right time to get on to what i want
I want more
what am i looking for though?



I feel like im stuck like I cant do anything
and I cant do anythign about it
i feel like im trapped
i feel like I HAVENT been living my life to the fullest

awwwww boot scooting boogie is playing on my radio

okay back to my situation
i feel like my life is passing me by and i havent done anythign worthwhile
i feel so frustrated
ah why do i feel like this?
idk i feel like someone cut off omy wings n im stuck here
watching everyone else live their lifes
while i let mine pass me by
how can i know im not wasting my time away?
how do i know when i do something worthwhile?
i want fulfillment, passion, craziness, not thinking twice, fun, a positive kind of life.



Need To Do

My Top Priorities (for right now)

1. CLEAN ROOOOM!!!!!!!

2. Think about closet upstairs......... maybe?


4. Do english research paper


Lately I can't Sleep! Idk whhy? Well okay maybe cause I am used to talking to my boyfriend EVERY SINGLE NIGHT like I kid you not we talk on the phone every single night. Lately he hasn't been able to use a phone and I really miss falling asleep on the phone with him! I miss talking to him and him telling me stories so I can go to sleep. Or just talking about the randomest stuff and laughing at the craziest things even fighting over the dumbest things! AH oh well I guess I have to get over it! How do you ladies feel when you can't talk to your guy? Am I the only weird one who talks to her boyfriend every single night? Okay well I got two posts in ! YAY follow me :)
Good night my bloggies



My Principal :D but more importantly

MY SHOES im so in love w/them