Oniomania (from Greek onios = "for sale," mania = insanity)

okay so i feel like such a loser right now
and I'm really depresesd dumb high school stuff
i can not wait to go to college actually you know what it may be the exact same thing
ah w/e I need some retail therapy
this weekend i am going to shop as if there was no tomorrow

I love these Antonio Melani flats SO CUTE @ dillards for $60 I beleive they have got to be mine

This eyelet skirt from forever 21 is around $20 ahh i love it so spring

Jeans from abercrombie and fitch around $60 remind me so much of summer

I've also beeen eyeing this hello kitty wallet at metro park but its not online so i dont have a pick soorry! I'm definately spenind all of my cash this weekend! CLothes always make me feel way better :D OOOOO you know what i want some brown sandals oooo and some flowery shirts !

who needs friends when you've got clothes right? and of course family!!!!(love my cousins they are totally coming with me to this retail therapy session)

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