life, i wanna live it not dream about it!

I'm scared ?
Idk where i'm going
where I want to be
what i want
i dont know but my world doesnt feel right, right now
maybe this is not where im supposed to be
maybe this is my temporary place waiting for the right time to get on to what i want
I want more
what am i looking for though?



I feel like im stuck like I cant do anything
and I cant do anythign about it
i feel like im trapped
i feel like I HAVENT been living my life to the fullest

awwwww boot scooting boogie is playing on my radio

okay back to my situation
i feel like my life is passing me by and i havent done anythign worthwhile
i feel so frustrated
ah why do i feel like this?
idk i feel like someone cut off omy wings n im stuck here
watching everyone else live their lifes
while i let mine pass me by
how can i know im not wasting my time away?
how do i know when i do something worthwhile?
i want fulfillment, passion, craziness, not thinking twice, fun, a positive kind of life.

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