Look Alike: Nastygal- Tjmaxx


ok this dress is at nastygal for $58
the exact same dress is at TJmaxx for less than $20
so if you have a TJmaxx close to your house go search for it

Let there be LIGHT


On a Budget : Back To School

I know it's kind of early but if you start back to school shopping now you have time to look for the best deal and get more for your money
I am going to be doing a on a budget back to school which features stores like wetseal, forever 21, etc
then I am going to do a little more luxurious back to school
with designers for those willing to splurge

Your Basics
(This is what I consider basics to have a great style ;))

Forever 21- 17. 80 You always need a funky skirt when your feeling a little wild and its very versatile you can also use it to go out

Forever 21- 15 You need basic flats! I wouldn't neccesarily buy these cause they are not my style, but I must admit they are very cute.

Forever 21- 10.50 You have a funky fun skirt now you need a basic black one that you can mix and match.

Forever 21- 11.80 Loose, baggy, goes with anything,you need it.

Forever 21- 10.50 Basic Dress, dress it up or down either way it will work.

Wet Seal 16.50- Cardigans, get them in every color they come in handy.

Agaci 26.50- Funky cardigan :) imagine this with a plain black cami and the basic black skirt. Very cute

will update soon