Day 14: Take a mini vacay


Day 7: Wear Something pink


I wear pink everyday but this gave the confidence to wear these floral pants Ive been dying to wear! I used to be courageous in fashion and wear whatever it is I wanted to wear regardless of what anyone said but lately ive been very safe and simple so I am glad I finally broke out of my little shell again! people judge even when I wear just a tshirt and track shorts so why not give them something to really talk about . ;)

and lately I have really been working out I am so proud of myself I took my dog running with me and he couldnt even keep up!

Day 4: Hug Someone


haha pretty easy schmezyyyy! Idk I made that word up. I could not figure out how to flip the camera so I am sorry but it says Hug Someone and I hugged my boyfriend and when I go home I will hug my dog!!!!!! I'm still at school working on the layout of the next issue for my school's newspaper since I am editor-in-chief!!!!!! Well, of course, there are a couple of things I am doing instead of the paper hehe! The phone pic says I love being Distracted it is a blank message.

Happy 2011

Resolutions for 2011
1. Be Happy
2. Win Scholarships
3. Work hard to be Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader
4. Just Relaxing and letting life take its course
5. Build my Relationship again

Thank you to those who have stuck by my side
Nothing could have been possible without you all