Day 19: Compliment a Stranger

I told this girl her nail polish was really cute! It was like peachy pink AH gorgeous!!!!!!!
um idk why it says advertisment?

OMG I Want to see CLAY WALKER at the RODEO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shoes came in today
I love them!! I have
been in a a shoe
mood lately!
I want shoes
shoes, shoes
and more shoes!

I really want to see her too! I am pretty sure I am going to her concert!!!!!

I have to say I am happy from now on. I am going to be okay, I am positive that after the storm the clouds will clear and there will be a new sun and it will shine brighter than I have ever seen before! I will finally understand why it rained so hard for so long.

Day 17: Eat Chocolate

I got some RESSES PIECES sp? Idk its cereal and chocolate who could ask for more seriously? I am really enjoying this project and it gives me something to look forward to everyday! I am really excited everyday for what my next thing is! I have cheated like twiced like not liked what I got and picked something else! Today was the second time I did this but I promise I will not anymore!!!!!! lol
MANTRA from now on: Be Happy and not give a fudge about anyone who doesnt matter I wil not waste my time on them anymore!!!!!!!!!

Day 16: Dress Up

my thing to plug my memory card to my computer isnt working!

 Youtube Haul or Pics on Blog?

Day 14: Take a mini vacay


worst mini vacay
btw I'm taken now !

on another note
Idk why I feel this way? I should be happy but the only thing that gets me through the day is knowing im not the only one going through this, there must be someone in this big world that feels the exact same way.
Everyone is going on about their lifes happily, and I am getting pushed out of the piture. The hardest part of life is probably letting go, but It's getting easier for me.... you can not just stop living, I have so much ahead of me. It is time to concentrate on me. I have spend all my time trying to find someone to rely on, and here I am with only one person by my side....Me. I have been to scared to be left alone to myself but its happened and I just want to be happy.

Day 11: Paint nails a new color


so which one do you think I painted my nails....... of course I wanted to do the green polish but here's my story after school I went to walgreens and saw this Lacey Lilac nail polish and I thought it was gorgeous so I had to get it and the brulee eye shadow was only a dollar so I had to get it! I went home and of course had to paint my nails! Then Later I went to walmart and found the mint sorbet!!!! W/e the purple is still very pretty! Funny they are both Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme wear! I really do like this brand it stays on and it makes your nails hard!!!!!
Oh &
I really love doing this blog everyday!!!!!!

Day 8: Write a song

so these are some iteams i picked up today arent they gorgeous?
I love my new iphone case so vintagy and unique no one else is going to have it !!!!!
And todays happy slip was write a song and actually I used to do this all them time put I stopped idk why?  I remember I lost my song book and I cried for days because it was so personal and I had worked hours on end writting tons of songs. But I eventually found it :D Thats a habbit or hobby I want to pick up again cause I loved it!!!!
I really want a minty and a lilac nailpolish!

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