Day 37, 38, 39 : Ummmm........ Seek answers

Well hmwk and assignments have been piling up and my character is the one to leave it to the last minute :( Which is definately not good

Ah I wish I could google anything. Like I would type in "where the hell is my ipod?" and it would say "under the bed, stupid."

hmm its like my dog is psychic and knows whats going on at the moment its going on?

Day 35: Out with the old

new so still getting the hang of how to use it

I absolutely love this one!!!!!
I took it more literal than figuratively :)

Things I threw out
very rarely do I not like makeup products
but these are NO NOS

New Stuffs

Day 34: Make Lunch

Okay I havent made lunch but I'll post pics hehe when I have! :)
No school today! hehe bad weather day whooo!

Day 31: Patience

Ha my least favorite word
the one thing I wished people had more off towards me
the one thing I hat being

But it worked pretty well If I do say so myself