Well I am Flattered


is this considered color blocking?

Top: Ralph Lauren
Skirt: BCBG
Shoes: Forever 21
Bag: Rachel
Necklace : Express
Earrings: Local

My war & haven


Dress: Pretty Good
Belt: Forever 21
Shoes: Lucky Brand
Hamsa Bracelet: Local Boutique
Cocci Cuff: Puerto Rico
Earrings : Thrifted

Problem: okay I upload my pictures to iphoto and edit them on there and then I upload them to photobucket and then post the html code on my Posts so you guys can see the pics but somehow the editing I had done does not show up on my posts? Why?

Hope You Enjoy


Time for some Love


                Thank You
I do not know how to deal with things
I just shut the world out
I admit that
sometimes all you want is to forget
but somehow it always comes back around
so I turned my problems to productivity
I turned the sadness into this
I finally decided to keep doing what I love
because of the feedback
and I am so happy
Thank you
Thank You for helping me slowly pick up the pieces
Thank you for following me on my journey

Let's Make a Scholar out of you


No this is not part of my 30 day challenge
I had an interview so I put this on
to look professional and put together.
& I have decided to put the brands of what
I have on because I find that helps
so much more when trying to find
clothing! Well at least I love it when
other bloggers put the brand instead of the store because
sometimes the store is not online or maybe its sold out...
You get the drift :)

Nude Cardigan - JJ Basics
Pink Top and Nude Skirt - Kenar
Pumps - D
Earrings and Necklacece - Forever 21

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Can't Look Back Now

Outfit #2 of my 30 for 30 challenge
Vintage PS Illustrations Blouse
Forever 21 Pants - Shoes- & Earrings
Local Boutique Necklace (Idk the brand sorry)
DIY Clutch