Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you! I hope it is fabulous and filled with tons of joy and food! I love you all very much and am so grateful that each and every one of you have decided to join me and my amateur blogging! I hope you all get everything you have wished for and if you didn't it's okay wear some red lipstick it makes everything better I promise. If you don't celebrate Christmas well Happy Holidays.
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What a shame

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Black Friday Haul 2012


Public Relations

I am studying Public Relations and I love it.

But I am lost. I love fashion and I want to do PR for a fashion magazine or something of that nature but right now it seems almost impossible.

Now I believe that nothing is impossible. I believe that all things can be reached with enough hard work.

Sometimes it just gets though. I want experience, I want to learn. I am eager to go out there and soak up all this knowledge. I just need someone who is willing to give me a chance.

I am interning right now, and I love it. I love the mission, I love the people but I am just a little bit lost.


Well, anyways the point to this post is. Sometimes you doubt whether or not you are headed in the right path and you don't really know. So here is what you do.

1. You hold on

2. You pray

3. and you keep going

4. whatever your doing, give it your all (no second chances)

Good Luck in all of you endeavors and wish me some too (cause I need it)



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A really good friend of mine took these pictures. She had a project to work on and luckily she asked me to help. Of course, I would help. Fashion photography is my favorite. I had tons of fun and she has an actaul professional camera and that is why these shots are a lot better qaulity.
Hope you guys enjoy!

Dress agaci/ shoees BCBGeneration

New Video: Outfits Of The Day

Let me know what you guys think! Have a fashionable day, Brenda

Taking it Back

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I feel like these are basically all the same shot but more zoomed out. Well since I came back to my home town for thanksgiving I was using the clothes that I left in my closet at my parents house. Some of the pieces are SUPER old but it feels so good when you can make a new outfit out of the old clothes you thought you had ran out of ideas for. Have you recently used any old items that you thought was impossible to get more use out of?
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top forever 21/jeans charlotte russe/clutch tory buch/shoes Bamboo

Thanks a Bunch

Dear Reader,

Happy Thanksgiving day. I hope it is filled with all the wonderful people you love and tons of turkey.

I just wanted to say thank you to all of my readers. I am so grateful to have you all to share my material obsessions with. Haha okay but really I am so thankful that I have you to share my passion with.

It's funny because very few people in my life know about my blog. I am not really open about it. I guess we are all a little afraid to be judged or made fun. I guess I am just scared to be made fun of. Even at 19 years old we all still have irrational fears.

Back to the point. Thank you for allowing me to share my passion with you without being afraid of being made fun of.  Thank you for joining me on my journey of life. Thank you for being my side even though sometimes I do not post as often as I should.

Happy Thanksgiving.
Remember you have so much to be grateful for. No matter what you are going through keep going. I promise it gets better.

With love,

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Rockin My Hips Like Yeah

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dress Lulu's/ Scarf Nordstroms/Boots Vince Camuto/Watch Fossil

Parents Weekend

My parents came up to my university to visit me because it was parents weekend for my sorority. We had such a fun time and I got a couple shots of my outfit. I absolutely love this top. I think it can be so versatile. My first intentions were more of a going downtown kind of outfit but then I saw the potential in dressing it up classy. I like this outfit but I think something on it is off? I am so sure. Anyways I hope you all had a wonderful halloween. Did you do something extra fun or special? Tweet @ me your pictures!!!!!! I would love to see them! Would you like to see what I wore for halloween? Have a wonderful week :)

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top bui-yah-kah/pants anthropologie/shoes BCBGeneration/clutch tory burch/headband nordstorm

Out & About

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I have been in love with outfits for a night on the town. I have very little "going out" clothing and the only black clothing I have is usually for going out. I tend to wear a lot of leather when i want to have a girls night. Idk I think it looks sexy without being too trashy (well i guess it depends on the article of clothing). Anyways I hope that this can help you when trying to find something to wear out but still look classy. I tend to stay away from the typical kind of trashy "club wear." I always try to add one piece that is sexy in an unexpected way and this top does that. I love love love love it and I got it for an awesome price.

top urban outfitters/nude bandeau agaci/ skirt rue 21/ necklace New York & Company

Confession: Daily Life

So I have honestly been feeling like "well if i don't have a picture I can't update this blog because you all do not want to just see random posts about my life." But I should be posting more often on here just because it is not fair to be selfish and not keep everyone entertained. So I guess I will just post random things and hopefully find something that works. Meanwhile bear with me while I am experimenting with maybe awful, weird posts. No worries of course it will still be totally fashion related. Just not so typical ALL THE TIME.

These pictures are form one my sorority's sister birthday dinner not too long ago.
I absolutely loved the flowered pants one of my sisters was wearing !

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Top Forever 21/Jeans Love Culture/Sandals BCBG/Necklace New York & Co./Watch Fossil/

Let it Pour

dress ark & co./ heels (not shown) sparkly ones from h&m/earrings forever 21/ sunglasses a friends

this was a project for my sorority sister and she asked me to model for her, and i thought i would share this with you guys :)


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top forever 21/pants j.crew/sandals sam edelman/fedora rampage/watch fossil

 I went to mini golf a long while ago and these are horrible quality because they were taken with my phone !!! But I hope you enjoy them regardless. As far as the back to school style there shall be one coming soon. :) tons of kisses, Brenda

Wasn't here


Lasting Impression


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dress forever 21/jacket calvin klein/necklace sam moon/watch & bracelet fossil &charlotte russe/lion bracelet asks

The day I wore this outfit was the last day of my job. I had to quit because I am leaving again for school very soon. I knew I had to make my last outfit there count so I decided to play up my look with this statement necklace. It was kind of sad to have to leave because everyone had been so sweet and I actually met people who I really think I will keep in touch with. But most importantly I learned that when you are doing something that scares you, you are doing the right thing. If it scares you it means you do not know what you are doing which then forces you to go out of your comfort zone and grow. Well anyways have a beautiful day :) tons of kisses, Brenda

 El día que me puse este traje fue el último día de mi trabajo. Tuve que dejarlo porque me voy de nuevo a la escuela muy pronto. Yo sabía que tenía que tenía que vestirme bien, así que decidí con este collar de declaración. Fue un poco triste tener que dejar porque todas las muchachas había sido tan dulce y conocí a gente que realmente no creo que pierda el contacto. Pero lo más importante es que aprendí que cuando usted está haciendo algo que te asusta, estás haciendo lo correcto. Si te da miedo esto significa que usted no sabe lo que está haciendo que a su vez te obliga a crecer. De todos modos, que tengan un hermoso día :) muchos besos, Brenda

Its all in the will

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Not exactly in love with the pics but it can give you an idea on how i wear colored denim. Don't worry the college 101 video is coming up soon. But if you still have questions leave them in the post about the video :)! I hope you are having a wonderful summer. What has been your favorite summer item this year? Tons of kisses -Brenda

No estoy enamorada con los afotos pero creo que les puede dar una idea para estilizar jeans de colores.
El video de la universidad 101 viene muy pronto. Pero si usteds todavían tienen preguntas pueden dejarlos en el post sobre el vídeo :)! Espero que ustedes estén teniendo un verano maravilloso. ¿Cuál ha sido el articulo favorito del verano de este año? Muchos Besos-Brenda

top agaci/jeans american eagle/necklace forever 21/sandals zara

It's like....

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top papaya/jeans bdg/ purse carlos santana/watch fossil/Dolphin ring local boutique others forever21/shoes Breckell's/

University/College Questions

Okay so a lot of you are going away to college soon & I have been getting a lot of questions so I want to do an all in one college essentials 101! Kind of like just a whole bunch of tips and I really want to film it tonight so leave your questions down below so I can answer them :)!!!! & literally the questions can be about anything I want to touch down on most things about college so you guys can have the most information as possible!!!!!!

and for those who want more fashion related posts don't worry they are coming soon :)

Bueno por lo que veo muchos de ustedes se van a la universidad pronto y yo estado recibiendo un montón de preguntas, así que quiero hacer un video  de la universidad 101! Algo así como sólo un montón de consejos y realmente quiero filmar esta noche so dejen sus preguntas abajo para que yo pueda responder :)!! Y, literalmente, las preguntas pueden ser sobre cualquier cosa.  Quiero hablar de mayoría de las cosas acerca de la universidad para que ustedes pueden tener la mas información posible!!

Y para aquellos que quieren más puestos relacionados con la moda no se preocupan que son muy pronto :)

 Tons of love, Brenda
P.S I am trying to incorporate spanish readers as well. I need to use my spanish more :) as I will be leaving to spain in about a year :) (can you tell I'm counting down the days?)
I know some french hmmmmm maybe after a few refresher classes in french ...........
 Do you know any other languages beside english?

College Essentials: Appliances & Food

Thank you for requesting! Gracias por su interés!

Pinky Promise


top j.crew/jeans cello/clutch tory burch/sandals zara/watch fossil/ponytail clip h&m

Simply Understated

My new love! My watch! I know i know its not like a luxurious designer but I love it! The price is totally reasonable and  the color is gorgeous and there is enough sparkle to make my day :)

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top/pants anthropologie/shoes london/watch fossil/bracelets charming charlies/clutch tory burch/earrings forever 21