Times running out

okay so tittle is a bit over the top
but Ill be filming the Ask Brenda 1st video
so if you have any questions left
this is a reminder to ask them here or on the blog i posted
about this series
Thanks for all the questions I cant wait to answer all of them :)

oh quick recap
any questions
about me about makeup about fashion about hair
about thew world lol advice, my opinion on something anything

so :) keep on the lookout for your questions being answered soon


  1. Jenna here one more question!!
    have you ever travel???
    ok bye love you! :D

  2. How is college life??
    What do you in your free time??
    will you do a dorm room tour?
    and your current room tour?
    What is one shirt you find yourself going back to?
    I'm Ariana btw (:

  3. hey i'm Liz just one question who is or are you inspiration(s)?
    thanks hope you answer it.