Your Questions Answered ♡


sorry if I did not get to your answer I know there was one question I missed but I had already filmed it I am sorry i will get it next time I promise, well if you guys still want this series :)


  1. Thank you bunches for answering my questions!!!
    Sorry i didn't comment on your video on youtube i don't have an account there.
    but thank you sooo much!!
    And please do a room tour please!
    Love, Jenna

  2. Zoey here the question about your hair so you let it grow and didn't get it cut at all?? explain please????

    1. No I actually didnt I know everyone says to cut it but I didnt the only reason i didnt was because I was scared to even cut an inch off I was so desperate to have long hair but if you want HEALTY :) long hair id advise you cut it every 3 months just so you keep the length but get rid of damage
      hope tha helped