All in the Family

so I saw a picture in bazaar of a girl in some bright red pants and a magenta top and I totally tried to recreate the look here! I absolutely am IN LOVE with the idea of using only one color in different shades to create a whole outfit! What do you think? & also I got my two new loves in my life one is this clutch and the other is something i have been wanting for so so so long and I decided to go ahead and get it..... I'll be sharing it with you guys in the next post! Question of the post: What do you think about women wearing guys cologne? (I am in LOVE with this 1 million and I am thinking of buying it for myself? Is that weird?) Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket top agaci/belt forever 21(old)/bracelets silver-charming charlies patterned-london/shorts Dalia Collection/shoes Breckelle's/clutch tory burch/earrings forever 21


  1. No I don't think it's weird.
    Love the blogpost btw (:
    Lindsay (:

  2. Not to crazy about the shorts but hey if you like them then you go girl :)
    Love Jenna