College Essentials: Appliances & Food

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  1. Ahh!! Thank you sooo much!!! You were very helpful!!!
    Love you soo much! -Olivia

  2. My goodness you are sooooooooo awesome!!!! You have given me great tips for when I go to college next year! I am going to my senior year and I am soo scared!!! Is it alot of work?? Advice please!!?!?!?!???
    Jade <3

  3. The video was great!! But I need help! I don't know what kind of computer I should buy or the program I should get to write my college papers and homework I mean a PC is ok but I really really want a Mac but i don't know if I should get it can you get Microsoft word in it? And also other school supplies for college. Please I really need your help!!! So Please help me!!!!!
    Love you sooo much xoxo Julie

    1. I had a dell laptop that I used for school this first year and the only reason I got a mac is because they are so much lighter and I have to carry it around. Yes you can get microsoft word for both! You definitely will need it! Word Of advice buy the program at you university's computer store bc at best buy microsoft word runs for $100 and at my university its $30 for students

    2. Hi its Julie thank you so much for the tip!!

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