Lasting Impression


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dress forever 21/jacket calvin klein/necklace sam moon/watch & bracelet fossil &charlotte russe/lion bracelet asks

The day I wore this outfit was the last day of my job. I had to quit because I am leaving again for school very soon. I knew I had to make my last outfit there count so I decided to play up my look with this statement necklace. It was kind of sad to have to leave because everyone had been so sweet and I actually met people who I really think I will keep in touch with. But most importantly I learned that when you are doing something that scares you, you are doing the right thing. If it scares you it means you do not know what you are doing which then forces you to go out of your comfort zone and grow. Well anyways have a beautiful day :) tons of kisses, Brenda

 El día que me puse este traje fue el último día de mi trabajo. Tuve que dejarlo porque me voy de nuevo a la escuela muy pronto. Yo sabía que tenía que tenía que vestirme bien, así que decidí con este collar de declaración. Fue un poco triste tener que dejar porque todas las muchachas había sido tan dulce y conocí a gente que realmente no creo que pierda el contacto. Pero lo más importante es que aprendí que cuando usted está haciendo algo que te asusta, estás haciendo lo correcto. Si te da miedo esto significa que usted no sabe lo que está haciendo que a su vez te obliga a crecer. De todos modos, que tengan un hermoso día :) muchos besos, Brenda


  1. Aw where did you work at? Clothing store?
    Well you looked lovely for last day of work!
    Love Jenna

  2. i worked at this little boutique near my house lol yes it was a clothing store could you tell? Thank you love!

  3. Just fell in love with the dress! -Meg