New Series:Organization - Storage Boxes and Shoes

Stuff, stuff, and more stuff. That is all I seem to have. Maybe it's because I am girl and we hoard things like shoes or maybe because I have a (shopping) problem. Either way, I live in a college apartment and I do not have room for stuff.


In order for this to work there are three rules you have to follow, which are listed below:
1. Your boxes have to work with the theme of whatever room you are putting it in.
2. You can not just take all your stuff and shove it into a box. That is disregarding the whole point of why we are doing this.
3. Most of the time you need more than one box. This is especially true if they are going on the floor. For some reason stacking them makes them look nicer.

To be honest my heels were literally in a big pile and I had no idea what to do with them. I considered buying the shoe racks but I decided against it. If the shoe rack is going to be in public, as in not hidden away in your closet, I think it can make a room look dirty and messy.

 Now be warned, these are not my prized possessions, so this is probably not the best storage for your designer shoes.
(Before shot of how my heels were stored)
   (after shot of how I put away my heels)

Yes, there is a system to how I stored them so when I go to look for a pair I know where they are.
1. I put all of the nude, white and black shoes in the bottom box. Why? Because it is the biggest box and most of my shoes tend to be these colors.

2. In the second box I put all of my printed shoes or the ones that have some sort of texture to them.

3. In the smallest box I put whatever was left over, which for me happened to be colored heels.

Good luck & Happy Organizing!


  1. Ah the boxes are super cute!! Great idea!!
    When will you make more videos?? Let us know

  2. Yes yes I love this very much thank you soo much!!