Thanks a Bunch

Dear Reader,

Happy Thanksgiving day. I hope it is filled with all the wonderful people you love and tons of turkey.

I just wanted to say thank you to all of my readers. I am so grateful to have you all to share my material obsessions with. Haha okay but really I am so thankful that I have you to share my passion with.

It's funny because very few people in my life know about my blog. I am not really open about it. I guess we are all a little afraid to be judged or made fun. I guess I am just scared to be made fun of. Even at 19 years old we all still have irrational fears.

Back to the point. Thank you for allowing me to share my passion with you without being afraid of being made fun of.  Thank you for joining me on my journey of life. Thank you for being my side even though sometimes I do not post as often as I should.

Happy Thanksgiving.
Remember you have so much to be grateful for. No matter what you are going through keep going. I promise it gets better.

With love,

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  1. aww you are too sweet bren we love you too!

  2. ah you're totally awesome brenda!! and will you be doing more videos???
    LOve you always Alyssa!! <3

    1. Yes I actually have a black friday haul filmed I just have to edit it! Is that something you would like to see?
      Love, Brenda

    2. Yes please please!!!! but dont stop making videos please!

  3. Aww Brenda! You have saved me from so many fashion mistakes that idk how to thank you!! You are just the sweatest person ever Love Jenna

  4. Really? Omg lol that's great, at least I am helpful.
    with love brenda :D