Public Relations

I am studying Public Relations and I love it.

But I am lost. I love fashion and I want to do PR for a fashion magazine or something of that nature but right now it seems almost impossible.

Now I believe that nothing is impossible. I believe that all things can be reached with enough hard work.

Sometimes it just gets though. I want experience, I want to learn. I am eager to go out there and soak up all this knowledge. I just need someone who is willing to give me a chance.

I am interning right now, and I love it. I love the mission, I love the people but I am just a little bit lost.


Well, anyways the point to this post is. Sometimes you doubt whether or not you are headed in the right path and you don't really know. So here is what you do.

1. You hold on

2. You pray

3. and you keep going

4. whatever your doing, give it your all (no second chances)

Good Luck in all of you endeavors and wish me some too (cause I need it)



  1. That's awesome! Love you brenda!!
    Love Jenna

    1. Love you too Jenna! I love always seeing your name!! It makes me feel like it's a familiar face! Love, Brenda

  2. Thanks for this! I really needed it! Glad someone understands how I feel.

    1. I am glad this was of help! Just remember that everything happens for a reason and you will reach your dreams if you work for them! Good luck! Love, Brenda