Care free

My favorite part about the cold season has to be layering. I feel like i is so much easier to have a put together look when you can layer different textures and prints and lengths. I have actually worn this dress before, let me know if you can remember what post I did using this same dress! Just because you used something in the summer does not mean you can not use in the winter.

Hope this gives you some inspiration to look at your clothes in a different light and you can reuse them!

-Lately all I have been wearing are leggings and long shirts. Ooops maybe I should try a little harder!

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Happy New Year! 2013

Happy New Year's to all of my lovely readers!
I wish all of you good luck with all of your resolutions and the power to keep up with them. Remember you don't need a new year to make a difference a great time to start is always NOW.
Make healthy and reasonable resolutions for yourself. You can reach any goal you set yourself up for.
I did not make one particular goal this year, I made like 30. My New Years Resolution is to stop getting overwhelmed with everything I want to do and actually do it.

Well anyways here is what I wore on New Years Eve. What do you usually do to bring in the New Year?

Coming up: December Collective Haul, and maybe 2012 favorites? I am not sure if I will be doing a what I got for christmas video. I feel like it is a little show-offy. I don't know... what do you guys think about it being show-offy?

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