Happy New Year! 2013

Happy New Year's to all of my lovely readers!
I wish all of you good luck with all of your resolutions and the power to keep up with them. Remember you don't need a new year to make a difference a great time to start is always NOW.
Make healthy and reasonable resolutions for yourself. You can reach any goal you set yourself up for.
I did not make one particular goal this year, I made like 30. My New Years Resolution is to stop getting overwhelmed with everything I want to do and actually do it.

Well anyways here is what I wore on New Years Eve. What do you usually do to bring in the New Year?

Coming up: December Collective Haul, and maybe 2012 favorites? I am not sure if I will be doing a what I got for christmas video. I feel like it is a little show-offy. I don't know... what do you guys think about it being show-offy?

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  1. Happy New year to you too Brenda!! Yes please do a what you got for Christmas video! And no it's not showing off! I love the last year's one! And did you do a get ready with me video of new year's like before??? Jenna <3

  2. Happy happy new year! Please do the what you got for Xmas video!! Please I would to see it! And no you aren't going to come off as bragging! -Kelly