New York & Bright Lights

This past week was my spring break and usually I end up traveling with my parents but not this time. I traveled alone! Well technically it was kind of a school trip and my best friend was with me so it doesn't count as alone.
I got to visit New York and got to meet all of the great PR firms that are there. Of course it was very informational and inspirational but who am I kidding it was a lot of fun.
I was there from Monday to Friday and I really loved it. I love the weather, the lights, the culture, the fact that dreams sort of just become a reality in New York.
Anyways it's too hot down here in the south.
But regardless of the heat here are some pictures from my trip.

Tons of love,

 photo DSC03436.jpg  photo DSC03508.jpg  photo DSC03511.jpg  photo DSC03493.jpg  photo DSC03489.jpg  photo DSC03486.jpg  photo DSC03483.jpg  photo DSC03467.jpg  photo DSC03441.jpg  photo DSC03437.jpg  photo DSC03438.jpg  photo DSC03440.jpg photo DSC03448.jpg  photo DSC03452.jpg  photo DSC03462.jpg  photo DSC03494.jpg  photo DSC03506.jpg