Botanical Gardens

As a lover of all things beauty and adventure it seemed like the Botanical Gardens would be a great place to visit. It was beautiful and inspiring but the southern heat was a little hard to bear. It was so much exploring and finding beautiful scenes to shoot. I hope you guys enjoy the pictures.

Como amante de todas las cosas de la belleza y la aventura parecía que el Jardín Botánico sería una buena idea para pasar el dia. El jardin estaba hermoso per el calor era difícil de soportar. Fue muy divertido explorar y encontrar hermosas escenas para disparar. Espero que ustedes disfruten las fotos!

 photo IMG_0148.jpg photo IMG_0152.jpg  photo IMG_0116.jpg  photo IMG_0159.jpg  photo IMG_0179.jpg

Birthday Night

I got to spend my birthday night with my love at Fogo De Chao. It was an amazing day and night here are some shots of what I wore! Enjoy!

Tuve una noche maravillosa con mi amor. Fuimos a cenar al restaurante Fogo De Chao. Fue un dia muy especial y aqui están algunas de las fotos que tomamos en la ciudad. Disfruten! 

 photo IMG_0307.jpg  photo IMG_0304.jpg  photo IMG_0309.jpg

Happy Father's Day

I hope everyone had a great father's day with their daddies' and or their family! My birthday is in exactly two days and I got to pick out my birthday gift a little early? Wanna guess what it is? A new camera! Yay!!! I be you guys were wondering why I was MIA, I did not have a camera for the longest time ever. Well these are some test shots and me playing around with the camera today! Enjoy!

Espero que tengan un buen día de los padres y que lo pacen con su familia. Bueno, mi cumpleaño es en dos días. Quieren adivinar que es lo que elegí? Una cámara! Tenia mucho tiempo sin cámara. Esto disparos son nomas de prueba. Disfruten!

 photo IMG_0017.jpg photo IMG_0078.jpg  photo IMG_0081.jpg  photo IMG_0058.jpg  photo IMG_0027.jpg  photo IMG_0083.jpg  photo IMG_0086.jpg  photo IMG_0054.jpg

Why Intern?


Why intern?
As a recent graduate the moment you hand over your resume, recruiters are scanning it for one specific quality. Aside from all of the amazing volunteer and student activities you have been involved with, experience is what catches their attention. What is the one way you get experience without actually having a real job? An internship.

An internship consists of doing small tasks at a company for zero pay.  Interns are not trusted with big projects and are not hired so they can do the work of a full-time employee. Recruiters were once in our shoes, interning for a big agency that hardly realized they were even there. So why is internship experience so important to recruiters?

As an intern I have learned that immersing yourself in the culture of the field is what’s important. The main goal is letting the professionals around you influence you with their stories and their mentorship.

Every internship is different. You have to make it a point to get what you want out of it. If all else fails here are the top four things you will gain from every internship.

1.   You learn what you absolutely hate and do not want to do.
2.   You learn what kind of people are hard to work with.
3.   You become a morning person.
4.   You will learn from the small tasks you are given.