Happy Father's Day

I hope everyone had a great father's day with their daddies' and or their family! My birthday is in exactly two days and I got to pick out my birthday gift a little early? Wanna guess what it is? A new camera! Yay!!! I be you guys were wondering why I was MIA, I did not have a camera for the longest time ever. Well these are some test shots and me playing around with the camera today! Enjoy!

Espero que tengan un buen día de los padres y que lo pacen con su familia. Bueno, mi cumpleaño es en dos días. Quieren adivinar que es lo que elegí? Una cámara! Tenia mucho tiempo sin cámara. Esto disparos son nomas de prueba. Disfruten!

 photo IMG_0017.jpg photo IMG_0078.jpg  photo IMG_0081.jpg  photo IMG_0058.jpg  photo IMG_0027.jpg  photo IMG_0083.jpg  photo IMG_0086.jpg  photo IMG_0054.jpg

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  1. awesome!!! so are you going to be making videos soon?? i miss your videos!!! btw your outfit is so pretty!! Love Jenna