Why Intern?


Why intern?
As a recent graduate the moment you hand over your resume, recruiters are scanning it for one specific quality. Aside from all of the amazing volunteer and student activities you have been involved with, experience is what catches their attention. What is the one way you get experience without actually having a real job? An internship.

An internship consists of doing small tasks at a company for zero pay.  Interns are not trusted with big projects and are not hired so they can do the work of a full-time employee. Recruiters were once in our shoes, interning for a big agency that hardly realized they were even there. So why is internship experience so important to recruiters?

As an intern I have learned that immersing yourself in the culture of the field is what’s important. The main goal is letting the professionals around you influence you with their stories and their mentorship.

Every internship is different. You have to make it a point to get what you want out of it. If all else fails here are the top four things you will gain from every internship.

1.   You learn what you absolutely hate and do not want to do.
2.   You learn what kind of people are hard to work with.
3.   You become a morning person.
4.   You will learn from the small tasks you are given. 

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