Brenda's Shopping Review: Burlington Coat Factory

I am going to start a new series where I review stores I have visited, from chain stores to local boutiques  I want to share with you the time wasters and the gems. As my traveling picks up I will be able to review stores in other parts of the country & hopefully the world. The next posts will have pictures (pinky promise)!

Voy a empezar una nueva serie en la que voy a revisar las tiendas que he visitado, cadenas de tiendas o  boutiques locales, quiero compartir con ustedes las que son malas y las gemas. Cuando comience a viajar,  voy a ser capaz de revisar las tiendas en otras partes del país y con suerte el mundo. Las próximas entradas tendrán foto!

Under Review: Burlington Coat Factory

I recently went to a Burlington Coat Factory in Austin, Texas (the exact address: 6600 Middle Fiskville Rd Austin 78701). I can not say enough good things about Burlington Coat Factory, I have always found amazing deals and had nothing to complain about until I went to this store.

Location: The location was hard to find, it's a bit hidden from view.

Parking: Huge parking lot. I am sure there will never be an instance where there is no parking.

Cleanliness: This store was actually very clean. Usually these big discount chain stores are ridiculously messy and scattered but this one surprised me. It was very clean but it was due to something that leads me to my next point.

Merchandise: There wasn't a lot of stuff. Point blank there was not a lot of selection. Huge store but little merchandise.

Service: Now this is not Saks so I do not expect great service. The people that worked there were very nonchalant. They were not rude but they were not around to ask for questions either. Looked like no one wanted to be there.

This store was not a gem in the rough but it still had a couple of good deals. I would not go out of my way to come here again but if I am by the neighborhood and really have nothing to do I would stop by again.

Conclusion: Nothing lost, nothing gained. I rate it two stars, at least it was clean. Better luck next time.

If you have any requests of stores let me know the name and location or the website!

Happy Shopping!


  1. i dislike those stores very much! everytime would buy something from there the clothes would always tear apart!! which is awful. -Bre

    1. It's always a hit or miss with these kinds of stores! I have found some amazing quality items but the rest..... I agree they tear so easily!