Love at First Sight

There is always the first time. There is always that moment that sends you on a spiraling daze. It's the first time you catch a glimpse of beauty. You immediately fall in love and you can't remember the last time you felt this way. You can't stop thinking about it and every time you do you are filled with anxiety and wonder of when you two will meet again.

Scary thoughts start creeping into your head. "What if I am aiming out of my league, what if someone else has already captured this beauty, is the status taken," these questions run through your head as you catch your self pacing your office.

You can't helped but start day dreaming of your life as a pair, inseparable. "Oh how magnificent we would look together," is all you can tell yourself. You realize it's not a want anymore, it's a need. You spend every lunch running through all the popular blocks in town hoping to bump into your love. Every other second you're stalking the web to find out more information. You're constantly asking and posting classified ads asking if anyone has seen what has absolutely captured your heart.

Then all of sudden you get a hit online. It's all right there. All the information in the world, address, contact number, and beautiful pictures. Your breath escapes you and your heart is beating. "Is this too good to be true," you ask yourself as you quickly refresh the page to make sure it's not a figment of your imagination. You are ready to make the first step into making your object of lust yours, and when you push "Confirm Purchase," you realize that true love does exists.

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  1. LOL Brenda this was so funny!!! -Emily <3