The Critical Years, Your 20's


People think bad, awful things are funny right? That’s why we watch things like Jackass? Well, that may be a bit extreme, but don’t people love bad situations. In movies when you see someone slip and fall you laugh because you know it's not serious. You know life sometimes knocks you down, but at the end everything is always okay.

So ever since I turned 20 my life has been a series of badly scripted sitcom episodes. The ones with the fake laughter in the background. Naturally, I started a diary to document my life in a new decade. It is supposed to become a best seller, like all of my other writings…

Anyways my diary, “My Twenties," became too personal to share publicly. I would be mortified if it made the best sellers list. To my defense there are a lot of life lessons hidden amongst all of the ugly.

I am proud to have made it to 20 and still have eyebrows. I could've sworn that by now my bad cooking would have burned them off. So if you are 20, have eyebrows, and are dying at some univeristy you are okay.

Your 20's are great don't get me wrong! They are hilarious. Except you might get the funny part a couple of years from now. Here are the top 5 most popular things to do when you are 20, so if you can relate to more than one, congrats you are in your prime 20's.

1.    You have had instant soup for every meal of the day.

2.    You have had a traumatizing break-up and feel like you are going to die alone with 27 cats.

3.   When this is how you respond when people ask you what you want to do with your major.

 4.     When Happy Hour is a necessity.

5.   Showering has become "me" time.

      So, cheers to our series of falls and mistakes and poorness. Let those around you laugh because it’s funny. It really is. Besides they have been exactly where you are.  

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