Simplicity at its Finest

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( Denim jacket:Zara, Dress:Nordstrom Rack, Scarf:Lilly Pulitzer, Wedges:Jessica Simpson, Purse:Kate Spade, Watch:Fossil)

It's amazing how little you can actually live with. It's amazing how much more simple things are than what we create them to be. Taking things back to basics seems to settle a lot of problems. A few changes here and there seem to do the trick. I have minimized my wardrobe and gotten rid of so many things through poshmark (great app use my code BUBEK and get a $5 credit) and I have never felt so refreshed. I guess you can say I am a hoarder and I tend to keep every clothing or shoe item I have ever bought or received but not anymore. Some things carry things you don't need in your life anymore. Well, some like this bag just needs a little dye job and I think I can keep. Keep minimizing and keep throwing stuff you don't need. Simplify your life and things will run much more smoothly.

DLVoxBox Review

There is this great program called Inflenster. Anyone can sign up for it. It is basically a sight where you get to try out brand new products (for free) and tell the world what you think about them. Usually all the products are great and super easy to use. I would recommend everyone to apply and see if they qualify to receive free goodies! So here are the products I received and what I thought of them!

1. Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation

First of all, they were able to send me the perfect shade. I have no idea how they guessed it so well. I think it just goes to show that the shades are very versatile. I have recently been obsessed with bb foundations and this closely resembles one. I really liked it. Overall it was a good foundation that didn't break me out and stayed on a reasonable amount of time. Would I buy it again? I would. I rarely buy the same foundation more than once.

2. Softlips Cube

Okay so I was really excited about this one! I know. I know. It's a lip balm but I am obsessed with softlips and to receive this new one for free made my life. All I have to say is that i haven't lost it yet and that says a lot. I think the shape has a lot to do with it. And it's not bulky either I can fit it my clutch when I go out at night and it miraculously doesn't leave my clutch bumpy or weird looking. I loved this product. I am buying all the flavors they have.

3. Sinful Colors #NotTextRed

So this nail polish is the perfect red and it campaigns for "No texting and driving." What else do I need to say. Beauty for a cause, what else do you need? That is amazing! I love Sinful Colors nail polishes because they are super affordable, come in a variety of colors and are in almost every drugstore.

4. Pilot Pens

So when I received this I was like what? But I am so glad I gave them a try. This is the perfect pen. I hate pencils. I just never use them and for someone like me who makes a ton of mistakes is a bit silly. THESE PENS ACTUALLY ERASE. I know those other pens say they have an eraser but they don't actually erase. THESE DO. I actually carry the black one with me everywhere!

5. Kiss Lashes

Not to sound conceited but I don't need fake lashes. This is something I would never have considered unless they were dramatic halloween lashes. As you all may know ACL music festival just passed and I gave these lashes a test run. I was going to be out all day in the heat and I knew my usual mascara routine was going to leave me with a clumpy mess by the end of the day. I gave my own lashes a break and glued these on. NO ONE COULD TELL I WAS WEARING FAKE LASHES. Isn't that shocking? They lasted the whole day and looked so beautiful. So for all you skeptical long lashed gals give your real lashes a break once in a while with these!

So there you go! I have found a few favorites that is for sure!

A Little Blue These Days

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(Top:BCBG, Skirt:H&M, Shoes:Jessica Simpson, Purse:DVF, Watch:Fossil)


Austin City Limits Music Festival 2014

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(Dress: Tobi, Headband: Zara, Sunglasses: h&m, Purse:Sfera, Watch:Fossil)

Austin City Limits Music Festival 2014  


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(Top: Mango, Shorts: Zara, Heels: Armani Exchange, Purse: Primark, Bracelet:Ralph Lauren, Watch: Fossil)

The art of story telling is what I hope to master. Learn to tell good stories, learn to tell captivating stories. Most importantly live a life that inspires your stories. Be passionate and learn how to tell people about it in a way they'll remember. Capture peoples hearts and they will always remember you. 


I post so frequently that you would think I live on my phone (I do actually).
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Now go out there and create some fascinating stories. 

One Summer Kimono

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(Top: J.Crew, Kimono:info coming soon, Pants:Express, Wedges: Jessica Simpson)
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Worldly Taste and Wide-Leg Pants


Like I said earlier I am writing for College Fashionista this summer and will be sharing all of the links with you! Check every Tuesday on If you really like a look make sure to check back on my blog to see exactly where all of my pieces are from! Let me know if there are any outfits that have inspired you or some trends you would like to see me style! Enjoy! 

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(Top: Thrifted, Pants/Necklace/Mules: Forever 21, Sunglasses: Lefties, Watch: Fossil, Bracelet: Juicy Couture)
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Hello all! 

I am back in the states and ready to get on the ball with summer fashion! I just wanted to share with y'all that I will be writing the STYLE GURU STYLE column for College Fashionista this summer. So stay tuned because I will be taking runway looks and interpreting them into every day wear. 

I am so excited to be able to experiment with my fashion looks and share them on both College Fashionista and with you guys! To read my past posts and keep up with my new ones you can go here If you see something from one of my outfits that you really like on College Fashionista remember to check back here to see where it's from! Thank you all for your support and patience!

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(Top: Mango, Jeans: Express, Heels: Armani Exchange, Bag: Kate Spade, Necklace: Forever 21, Sunglasses: Lefties)

 Lots of love, Brenda

College Fashionista Round 2

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Jacket: Calvin Klein, Dress: MM Couture, Wedges: Jessica Simpson, Purse: Kate Spade, Necklace: Henri Bendel, Watch: Fossil, Belt: Betsey Johnson

I will be writing for College Fashionista again this semester! Since I will be in Spain my column is FASHION FROM ABROAD! It will be like my very own fashion diary. I leave to Spain Monday, January 13, which is only three days away now! I am extremely excited to embark on this journey and show you sneak peaks of the fashion and advetures I encounter! If you want more frequent updates please follow me on Twitter (@brendatobar1) and Instagram (@brenda_t1). 

Tons of love,
Brenda Tobar