Simplicity at its Finest

 photo IMG_6840.jpg photo IMG_6852.jpg
( Denim jacket:Zara, Dress:Nordstrom Rack, Scarf:Lilly Pulitzer, Wedges:Jessica Simpson, Purse:Kate Spade, Watch:Fossil)

It's amazing how little you can actually live with. It's amazing how much more simple things are than what we create them to be. Taking things back to basics seems to settle a lot of problems. A few changes here and there seem to do the trick. I have minimized my wardrobe and gotten rid of so many things through poshmark (great app use my code BUBEK and get a $5 credit) and I have never felt so refreshed. I guess you can say I am a hoarder and I tend to keep every clothing or shoe item I have ever bought or received but not anymore. Some things carry things you don't need in your life anymore. Well, some like this bag just needs a little dye job and I think I can keep. Keep minimizing and keep throwing stuff you don't need. Simplify your life and things will run much more smoothly.

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