Meeting Dulce Candy - The Sweet Life Book Tour

On Thursday, August 6th I went to Dulce Candy’s book signing at Books and Books in Coral Gables, FL. If you don’t know, she is a very popular beauty youtuber and has now written her own book called The Sweet Life.

I arrived to the bookstore about two hours early because I didn’t want to be stuck in traffic and not find parking. I wanted to avoid all of the drama and being early totally paid off! As I reached the check out line to buy her book, I see Dulce! She was literally right in front of me!

I awkwardly buy the book and sort of chase her down. I tell her I am a big fan and she asks me to sit down at the little café and chat. Ummmm, YES! I have followed her since the beginning of her Youtube career.

So we got to talking and sharing stories! I was so happy to be talking one on one to someone I had looked up to for so long. This conversation was not only amazing because she’s a celebrity but because it opened my eyes. It completely changed my attitude and perspective on this time of my life!

Here are some tidbits I would like to share!
1. We are all human. – We all have shared experiences. If you let your guard down a bit you are able to make sincere connections. Don’t be afraid to go up to anyone and start a conversation. You might be surprised to see where things go!  2. No negative thoughts. – I was not even going to go to the event thinking that it would be too packed and I would be stuck in some corner trying to fight for a picture of Dulce.   
3. Don’t give up. – Tomorrow is always a new day. You can’t possibly decide to give up when tomorrow might be the day you gain some major inspiration.  
4. Make sure your hair isn't frizzy before you take photos. Like they say, always look your best because you literally don't know who you are going to meet (and take pictures with)!
 I even ended up on one of her Instagram posts! 

She was extremely kind and down to earth. I look up to her because she is a very successful Latina who has worked very hard and continues to do so. If you need some inspiration or a role model, go watch her videos! She talks about everything not just clothes and beauty!


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