When I Leave


El Paso Texas
I reconnected with an old friend and received a beautiful note from him. It touched my heart and I loved the way he portrayed me. It sounds like magic. It is translated from Spanish.

"When you leave, you really leave. You disappear. When you leave, you really leave and although you are gone, you are always here. Your vibrancy and energy captures souls. Your lack of presence is felt the second you leave. You are always missed deeply. You filled me with life and curiosity. Life just isn't as exciting without you. You are a powerful presence and you deserve the best. If someone says they don't miss you, it's a lie. Your bright shinning eyes along with your stubbornness and passion are burned into their memory. You may leave them behind but you will forever remain with them. And wherever you find yourself know that I try to keep up because I wouldn't want to live in a world without you."

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