Lady Bugs

I’m sitting in my father’s office typing this entry and watching at least 4 ladybugs wander about. Growing up I had always been told that ladybugs meant good luck. They tend to be so rare and I can’t exactly remember the last time I saw one but there are always ladybugs in my dad’s office and I can’t think of a luckier fellow than my father. My dad always gets it right no matter what it is.

These ladybug sighting couldn’t have been timed more perfectly. I feel changes happening. I feel something in the universe has started rolling down a hill and is gaining momentum as time passes. I know it is headed straight towards me. I now know that it is going to be good, whatever it may be. 

Inspiration is everywhere. Allow yourself to be saved by it and not drowned. Every part of me is a completely different version of myself. From my hair texture and color to my actual skin. I am a whole new version of myself. I am experimenting and even loving every minute of it. I used to be so afraid of not finding a path and not being able to fit to a mold and now I am afraid of sticking to one path and fitting into one mold. My style changes hourly and who I want to be changes daily. So today I am as casual as can be and tomorrow I’ll be wearing a Marchesa gown (how beautiful were these gowns btw)!

These little ladybugs have not once stood still while I typed this and I think that’s the best way to live life.

Houston, TX

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