Uruguay to Argentina


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Probably my favorite picture of the entire trip!

A quick overview of my trip: Flew from Miami to Montevideo, Uruguay. From Montevideo took a bus to Punta Del Este. From Punta Del Este took a bus to Montevideo. From Montevideo took a bus to Valdense. From Valdense took a bus to Colonia. From Colonia took a ferry to Buenos Aires, Argentina. From Argentina took a flight to Miami.

Travel to: Punta Del Este - South America

Happy New Year

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Casapueblo in Punta Del Este, Uruguay
I am a little late but hey I was traveling, what else would you expect from me?! Okay, confession time: I had a really awful 2016. I couldn’t catch a break; heartbreak, failure and disappointment (the usual).

I HAD to change something. 2017 has to be great and what better way to guarantee that than by traveling with my BEST FRIEND?