First Day Look
Top: Asos, Shorts: Glamorous, Backpack:Steve Madden

Every life is only a sum of experiences. Each new experience so unique from the last. It's funny how when you look back on memories only bits and pieces stay embedded in your mind. When you look back only specific moments can be replayed. While you are making these memories you have no idea which one moment will be your only memory.

Added to my collection of memories are now the bits and pieces of Coachella. Only those few moments my brain likes to replay me and the sheer magical-ness of it all. It was an amazing experience. It's about the music, the fashion, and the absolute freedom of soaking it all in on a three day bender. These have now become my favorite memories.

To say I am obsessed with Coachella is an understatement. Enjoy my outfits and pictures from Coachella Weekend 1 (2017)! Also, I have linked the exact items if they are still online.

Coachella Day One

Coachella Day 2

Coachella Day 3!

With the combination of too much wine and trying to soak it all in, the last day consists of blurry and crazy pictures. Thanks for the memories and see you soon 'Chella (and Del Taco)!

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