Thrift Haul - Miami


Wearing: Top- Forever 21

I have a thing for discovering gems or making gems out of stones. Thrifting is the best way to cultivate this skill. Lately I have been obsessed and found this awesome gems! 


  1. Great Haul :) Most of the thrift store have heard stories how resellers are making money off the clothes so they are jacking all the prices up. Social media sellers always give high value to items but in reality its not true. I seen a lady say she would sell a pj set for 30 and got on her site and it was 7 free ship (she would have to pay atleast 3 out of the 7 for shipping plus ebay and paypal fees and she paid for the item so there extremly low profit somtimes)The stores dont see that part, Sad considering Goodwill does VERY LITTLE for the actual community and EVERYTHING is donation. I overhead someone pricing say a top would resell for 40 and priced it 25 dollars.. Did a quick check and actual normal value a person can expect for same top was 8 dollars and that doesnt inculde to ship or 13% in fees... Best times to go are sale days otherwise you pay an arm and a leg! Our state has 1.23 day and colors on sale each week. Also our salvation army has been going from 2 color sale to 3 on weekends. :) Good Luck

    1. That's interesting, good to know! Yeah, I don't know how people resell for a lot unless it's a high end designer. Goodwill has been raising their prices! I guess it is true :(. Good luck with any future thrifting!

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