Coachella 2019

Coachella 2019

Sometimes it takes an expertly curated event to remind me just how sweet life can be.

The idea of Coachella is really simple, a weekend spent listening to great music with great company. This was my second time attending, and it was just as magical if not more because of all the Latino artists that played this year. It felt monumental to be a part of it.

Coachella outfit picture of me sitting down.
Golden hour at Coachella.
Can you tell that this was my favorite outfit?

Don't let my carefully curated feed fool you, I like everyone else have a life that is full of difficult times. But as the sun set on the last day, I was overwhelmed with joy. How lucky am I to be experiencing three days of music surrounded by people I consider my soulmates? How lucky am I to have even found such an amazing group of friends that have become my family? How lucky am I to get to enjoy my youth so fully? How lucky am I to experience so many magical moments in this lifetime? 

Rosalia and J.Balvin performing at Coachella 2019.
The pictures no one posts on IG. Still died from all that sand. 

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