I am Brenda Tobar!

I am just a walking contradiction and here is a blog to prove it.

Here is to life after college and figuring out what's on the other side of partying and studying. I am filled with a lot of passion and endless curiosity. I originally wanted this blog to be just about fashion because that is my one true love but that wouldn't be true to who I am.

I am a poet, a fashion-obsessed girl,  a motivational speaker, a hotel reviewer, a traveler, a writer, a lifelong student, a photographer, a marketing pro, a yoga enthusiast, a coder, a hiker, a dancer, an activist, a volunteer, a feminist, an artist, a news junkie, a lover and a fighter.

So this little corner of the internet is all mine to do all of the above. So no neat, perfect little fashion blog! This is basically like having my own reality TV show but with a lot of time to edit out the bad!

Follow along as I bend and twist all of the "Me's" into one lifetime.